SmashBox Photo Finish Primer

Hello My Lovelies,😍

Can we take a moment to appreciate how good this Primer is!! Primer, the next step after moisturizer and before foundation. It hydrates your skin, make foundation stay on longer and also blur any imperfections and visibly reduce pores. I find priming my face as an essential part of my make-up routine. I love the silky smooth texture and it feels so light on my skin. It is packed with vitamins so it is doing good to your skin leaving it feeling velvety smooth.

It has a Blend of vitamins A & E, grape seed extract and green tea care for skin making it Lightweight & oil-free. This primer smooths out fine lines, fills in pores, and creates a flawless base before you apply your foundation. I mostly use primers to help control the oil buildup throughout the day. My skin can get very oily, especially in the t-zone area so this is really helpful! It also makes my makeup last longer and it still looks great after a 15 hour day! I just have to powder my t-zone but after that, I’m good again! I got it from Sephora for $36.

 FullSizeRender 156FullSizeRender 155FullSizeRender 154

I need to explore the SmashBox Primer range they have quite a few to choose from to suit everyone’s needs. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new SmashBox Photo Finish Radiance Primer.

Have you tried a SmashBox Primer? What are your thoughts?

Lots of Love,❤️


XOXO- Flavi💋


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