Nars Radient Creamy Concealer

Hello My Lovelies,😍

There is so much hype about this concealer, and they are all true. Nars concealer is a full coverage concealer and its so creamy it does not move. It makes me look so awake when i put it under my eyes. I’m in the shade ‘Ginger’. The Radiant Creamy Concealer provides medium to high coverage with natural finish. It does not accumulate in the fine lines, it does not weigh and it does not crack during the day. It just stays there, intact!

The formula is free of alcohol and fragrance. It also has active moisturizing beneficial to the skin. That is, it DOES not dry out any region, it hydrates it. And you can feel the difference with the use! It is super pigmented in color, and super smooth in texture. It’s perfect! FullSizeRender 141

FullSizeRender 142

FullSizeRender 143

Highly recommend! It’s not cheap but I think it’s worth the investment! And now the most important question Whether buy it again? Yes, to be honest it’s my second pack and still have not found a concealer as good as this.
What is your favorite concealer?


Lots Of Love,❤️

XOXO- Flavi💋


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