Catrice Sand and Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hello My Lovelies,😍

Let’s take a look at the nude color tones that are very special with Catrice Sand Nude Eyeshadow Palette and Chocolate Nude Eyeshadow Palette colors. That comes with a light price to buy in the general drugstore, which many people would have known this brand well. It is a brand that I like very much, the foundation, concealer, lipstick, everything is really good. 

If you are one of the Catrice follower then you must be familiar with the Catrice long-lasting palette of long-lasting color palette. For some reason this beautiful Sand and Chocolate rage caught my eye and i couldn’t resist myself to this palette.The packaging is the same for the Catrice range, it comes with the dual applicator. This range consist of 6 shades of which 3 is matte and 3 is shimmer.

Sand Palette: The Swatches were made without any base. Of the pigmentation, i think they are not bad. The peachy tone don’t look peachy on my hand. But this has a better quality and looks also slightly different in color. They all goes on smooth.

FullSizeRender 128

FullSizeRender 127

FullSizeRender 126

FullSizeRender 125

FullSizeRender 130

Chocolate Palette: Now let’s look at the color swatches. How obvious is the matte color may have no pigment. But the dark colors are very sharp and which color has shimmer. They don’t look prominent without flash.

FullSizeRender 136

FullSizeRender 135

FullSizeRender 134

FullSizeRender 132

FullSizeRender 133

Pros for Sand and Chocolate Palette

  •  The color is very good, especially dark brown.
  •  The cartridge is strong, not taps and not too big. Can be carried easily.
  • Color tone is easy to use. Can be used in almost any situation (i.e brown eyeshadow Which makes it look pretty. Because it looks natural with the skin color.)
  • It’s also Affordable.

Cons for Sand and Chocolate Palette

  • Shimmery shades if it is applied with a brush, stays on sequins, so I recommend applying finger.

  • Matte colors are not very pigmented
  • Matte shades have a very dry formula.

The very range intrigued me primarily because of its nuances and I wanted to see if the quality has improved due to Matt range that I tried. I could immediately tell that this is a much better quality of Matt palette but still did not completely win because I believe that some little things could be better. Knowing Catrice mono shades are excellent no doubt. I like the chocolate palette compared to sand palette.

Which Catrice palette did you like? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love❤️

XOXO- Flavi💋


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