Mascaras For Perfect Lashes

Hello my Lovelies,😍

When it comes to mascara, what do you look for? Length? Volume? Length and volume? Darkened and defined lashes?  Or perhaps a bit of curl?Depending on my mood, it can be a mix of all of those things. Typically, I opt for lush, voluminous lashes, regardless of whether I’m wearing a full face of makeup, or a bit of gloss, concealer, and mascara.

I’m definitely a mascara person, I like to focus a lot on my lashes and I like to alternate between these mascara’s. I love trying out new brands, formulations, and wands to see who can make my lashes look beautiful . Lately, I’ve been big into mascara that makes my lashes curl. I love what it does to my eyes.

FullSizeRender 108


FullSizeRender 105

Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara gives great length to my lashes without making them feel heavy. I know a lot of y’all would try it just for that reason. I don’t think it makes my lashes look fake or too dramatic, just really pretty, if that makes sense. This mascara didn’t irritate my eyes. I do need makeup remover to remove it, but it’s nothing like a waterproof mascara.

FullSizeRender 107

Catrice Better Than False Lashes Mascara It has a drier formulation and I found that I needed at least two coats of this mascara for it to look like I had anything on my lashes. The wand is the brush type and is big. The outcome is natural but voluminous looking lashes. My lashes are separated and not clumpy with product. It also didn’t sting my eyes, which is good. I wore it to a party and found that it didn’t smudge throughout the day. It’s also easy to remove. And it is a super affordable mascara, i think it’ll be perfect for work.
Lancôme Hypnôse Drama  I got this as a sample and i carry this with me and use it whenever I want a really intense, full-on lash look. The brush is curved, with firm bristles that manage to get to all the tiny lashes and for curling and pushing up the lashes from the root. The formula is rich and glossy so just a couple of coats gives maximum volume for a dramatic finish. This mascara also comes in waterproof version which is great for summer months.
Have your tried any of these mascaras?
Lots of Love,❤️
XOXO- Flavi💋

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