DIY Spring Nail Art

Hello My Lovelies, 😍 Hope all of you are doing well..

After a really long vacation in India, I am so glad to be back on my blogging schedule, ah how i missed you all.. Well getting back to todays post or should i say my first post of 2017. Spring is here, flowers are on trend and I am going to show you, how you can create this easy spring flowers nail art.


  • Start off by applying a clear base coat to your nail. I used Essie All In One 3 Way Glaze.
  • Using a dotting tool or toothpick, apply orange, yellow and blue nail polish dots to your nails, forming a flower structure.
  • If need be, fill in with an additional dot or two. It’s okay if the dots are not perfect, no real flower is perfect! i just added a touch of green dots in the empty spaces.
  • Wait 5 minutes for polish to dry to avoid smudging the pedals. Apply a navy blue dot to the center of each flower. You do not want to smudge the flowers! Apply a generous amount of top coat.
  • Tip: If the brush does not have a generous amount of top coat, the brush will grab the colored polish and ruin the manicure. Trust me, I have made this mistake!

FullSizeRender 99FullSizeRender 98FullSizeRender 100FullSizeRender 93


Make sure you always start a nail art with a base coat. Always start with a thin layer of nail polish then a thicker cause this way the nail polish will dry faster and the colors will be brighter. And of course finish with generous amount a top coat so the nail art won’t smudge off.

Products used:

Base Coat- O.P.I Infinite shine

Flower dots- Essie All In One 3 Way Glaze

Top Coat- O.P.I Clear

Hope all of you enjoyed my post today! What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!Lots of Love❤️XOXO      –Flavi 💋


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